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National No Name Calling Week: January 21st- 25th

417 Recovery Palm Deserts recognizes National No Name Calling Week which takes place January 21st -25th, 2019. No Name-Calling Week was founded in 2004 by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing and evaluated by GLSEN research (GLSEN, Inc. 2019). Educators and students alike come together during the designated week in order to bring to light the importance of ending name-calling and bullying in schools. 417 Recovery Palm Desert works directly with clients who have been victims and offenders of bullying.

While name calling may seem innocent between friends and peers it can push over to the category of bullying. The National Center for Educational Statistics (2016) report shows that 20.8 percent of students between the ages of 12-18 reported being bullied, and 13.3 percent of students reported being bullied in the form of insults, name calling, and being made fun of. Although name calling and bullying is often perceived as a normal behavior, or a rite of passage in young people’s lives, the results of name calling and bullying can have an adverse effect on an individual’s life.
Students who are targets of bullying experience physical, school, and mental health issues. Those that are bullied report a drop in academic achievement, sleeping difficulties, poor self-image, feelings of loneliness, disinterest in activities they used to enjoy, and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Signs of a child being bullied:
• Change in eating habits
• Decline in grades
• Decreased self esteem and feelings of helplessness
• Difficulty sleeping
• Lost or destroyed personal items such as clothing, electronics, jewelry
• Self-destructive behaviors such as self-harm, running away from home, thoughts of suicide
• Somatic symptoms
• Sudden loss of friends or isolation
• Unexplained injuries

Signs of a child bullying others:
• Blaming others for their problems
• Increasingly aggressive
• Getting into physical or verbal fights
• Gets sent to detention frequently
• Doesn’t accept responsibility for their actions

417 Recovery Palm Desert’s central goal is to administer a wide range of evidence-based practices in working with our clients to discover hidden emotional wellbeing conditions that may be influenced by bullying. If you or someone you know may be a victim or an offender of bullying contact us today to schedule a free assessment.


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