Meet the 417 Team

Our treatment team is passionate about what they do, and consists of highly skilled professionals who use effective techniques and current modalities. Our clinical team includes a psychiatrist, licensed therapists, interns and certified counselors, all of whom bring comprehensive knowledge and expertise to the treatment experience.

Stevie Kuhn

Program Director

Stevie a long time desert native brings several years of experience in the recovery community to the 417 Recovery team. Very passionate about helping others find a life path that helps them spiritually and emotionally, her leadership and experience help provide a safe place for families and teens to come together and grow.

Heather Hathaway

Clinical Director - Ph.D. LMFT

Heather is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy and holds a Ph.D. in psychotherapy. With her work focused on trauma-based therapy specifically with children and adolescents, Heather has many years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. Helping families discover healthy communication skills is the motivation behind Heather's dedication for working with families.

Daniel O’Connell, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

U.K. and U.S. trained, Daniel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in the field since 2003, treating adults, children, and families experiencing complex themes including: domestic violence, substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial and environmental issues, homelessness, physical and mental illness, dual diagnosis, grief and loss - providing a broad insight into the human condition that moves beyond traditional psychotherapy.

Adopting a humanist and existential perspective, Daniel believes that each person's unique psychology is characterized by an attempt to create a life of meaning, and to make sense of our shared experiences. Daniel is passionate about co-exploring how the search for purpose, self-acceptance and empowerment is intertwined with themes of authenticity and spirituality within our lives.

Alyssa Jones, AMFT #100245

Primary Therapist

Alyssa attended California Baptist University where she received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling. She works primarily with adolescence that are struggling with various issues and symptoms, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar, abuse and trauma (including sexual abuse), codependency, racial identity issues, bullying, substance abuse, relapse, and parent child relational issues. She is passionate about working with teens and their families to identify the core of their issues and to collaboratively work towards healing. 

Dr. Alejandro Alva

Medical Director

Dr. Alva’s expertise in adolescent, adult and geriatric psychiatry including dual diagnosis using the latest pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to treat mental health as well as the use of anti-craving interventions.

Nohemy Ramirez

Business Development / Client Relations

Nohemy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services at the University of Phoenix. With her degree she brings extensive knowledge and experience in the field of child development and adolescent growth. Working with children and youth has been a lifelong journey for Nohemy. As a Coachella Valley native, her desire to make an impact  brings her to 417 Recovery building a safe environment for teens and families implementing  activities while establishing one-on-one connections. She is very dedicated and passionate about working and helping teens and their families reach their goals.

Justina Larson,
LMFT 119449/APCC 4103

Family Therapist

Justina received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling from Brandman University. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. She began her counseling career as a mental health therapist working with children and families in the Coachella Valley. She has experience working with children, youth, and families struggling with a variety of issues such as academic performance, depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, stress, divorce/separation, and other challenging life situations.

She comes to 417 recovery excited and eager to work with teens and their families by helping them to not only understand their past but also putting energy and attention into improving their future. Justina uses a variety of therapeutic techniques that build on a teen’s strengths that fosters self-discovery and authenticity to reach their full potential. She is dedicated and motivated to support teens and families by providing them with a safe and nonjudgmental space to heal traumas, learn new skills, improve relationships, and make healthier choices.

Carissa Velasquez, APCC #8556


Carissa received a Masters Degree in Counseling from Loma Linda University and is a registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #8556. She has experience working with children, teens, and families both in an individual and group setting. She primarily works with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, co-dependency, bullying, communication, and other related issues that cause difficulty in day to day living. Carissa is excited to be apart of the 417 team to support teens and their families in a safe place to process life stressors to increase healthy communication and continue their journey to healing.
We offer comprehensive, clinically-based treatment for adolescents and their families who are struggling with substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, as well as mental health issues.

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