“417 Recovery has given us our son back.”

“This is not an exaggeration. We came to 417 after sending our son to an inpatient program after spending 6 months at another teen outpatient program, neither of which ever got to the core of our sons issues. The team at 417, lead by Scott, not only took the time to know our son, and our family, but to understand him and the problems we were facing.”
– Anonymous Parent from Orange County Location

Our son had started smoking pot, then moved on to abusing Xanax. The transformation he went through during this year and a half long period rendered him almost unrecognizable from the kind, funny, gentle boy we had always known. He faced not only addiction, but serious legal issues as well. The recovery program he was in had given up on him, yet they were happy to keep him there. This was unacceptable to us. The 417 team tailored a program that would work for him. Dr. Alva diagnosed our son with OCD, a serious condition that had plagued him since at least age 5 but which he had successfully hidden from everyone out of shame and embarrassment. The relief of finally letting this out, and of having such tremendous support from his doctor and counselors at 417, freed something in our son and allowed him to begin his true journey to recovery.

At 417 the counselors, individual, family and group, and the doctor’s and experts, do not just give you lip-service and follow a pre-planned program, they work together and work with your child and your family to ensure that your child is getting the help they need. Our children are not all the same, even if their diagnosis seems to be on the surface, Scott and his team recognize these teens are individuals and treat each child as such. This is not a cookie-cutter program, this is something special run by people who really care.

"I never imagined my teen daughter would attempt to commit suicide. We knew she was sad but the depth of her pain was never understood. It was such a very scary, confusing, and painful time. 417 had just opened and it was the best thing that could have happened for our family. Our family would have continued to fall apart, but we did not have to figure out how to move forward alone. We did it together with the staff and the other families. There is nothing out there with this type of active care and support for children and parents together. Depression and suicide can feel so unbearable. It brought us thru those doors in shock and in pain. But the day we walked out those doors we never felt closer because we know we can make it together. Because it was not just about her issues; it was time for our whole family to change."

We offer comprehensive, clinically-based treatment for adolescents and their families who are struggling with substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, as well as mental health issues.

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